Universe City

Welcome co-work space owners, operators of neighbourhood hubs and rural enterprises.
Universe City offers you leading edge, online methods in support of entrepreneurs that rent space from you.

Universe City will encourage development of vibrant office cultures at your locations. You’ll be able to focus on business while Universe City supports whatever your rental clients have in mind. Or, better still, what they have in their hearts.

Dr. Roger Martin, former dean,
Rotman School of Management,
University of Toronto, claimed that China is
building 1,000 new universities over ten years.

Universe City supports your co-work space in offering
what Peter Senge, Senior Lecturer,
Sloan School of Management MIT, calls
“hosting what wants to happen”.

North America and Europe have been either too slow, or unable, to build new educational institutions needed for developing skill sets needed to participate in, and benefit from, new trends in today’s economies. That presents a huge opportunity for you as a co-work space owner.

Advanced cultural methods enter your co-work space when Universe City provides creative working methods and support for you to simply announce and that your rental clients will connect to online. Universe City brings new life to your space depending on what your rental clients need, or are simply ready to do next.

  • Inspire powerful innovative responses to local needs and wishes
  • Engage entrepreneurs in evolving your space, hub, or enterprise
  • Generate goodness for all with a sense of joyful fulfillment
  • Support spontaneous grass root movements

Running a co-work space, hub, or set of rural enterprises is enough to do. Consider our planet-wide enterprise today. Universe City will have your centre’s cultural needs handled.

  • Reduces the need for outward communication while bringing greater ease
  • Allows coordinated activity where project leads will access resources internationally
  • Promotes a new mood of productivity and enjoyment

Consider how you’ll benefit from bringing more life to your space.

With little investment in education, multipurpose spaces become not only sources of cost saving for sustainability, but spaces essential to progress as a society. Ask about adding more life to community centres, malls, gallery and theatre spaces. Link to Services page.

Contact ucitytoronto @ gmail.com to access our packages.

Thank you for considering how you, your neighbourhood, your city, or your rural area, can benefit from a new vibrant new culture developing in business around the planet.

Peter Senge believes Collective Leadership,
or System Leadership,
is what’s needed
for tackling complex problems.

To tackle today’s biggest problems,
we need to coordinate around our shared values
more effectively than our current systems allow.”

Space program 16
– Toronto City Hall –
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Local STAR Systems

We can stumble across amazingly uncommon talent everywhere. Every neighbourhood or rural area has star entrepreneurs that need a hand to get noticed, and star students that aim to transfer out of school and make happy landings in the real world.

The glorious enrichment of your life, your lived experience, a vibrant local people’s economy, and the ongoing ascent of your city or rural area, largely depends on them. Think about the stars that you have around you, twinkling back at you.

But they’re no super heroes. They need support from local communities, if they’re going to get all this done.

What else do local stars have in common? All these local people need to become organized to shine and stand out in a local STAR system.

What’s a STAR system? Is this new? Is this something that can be applied universally?

Well, what’s your guess? This is the website for Universe City. We offer packages for you to announce and release…

After you announce a new STAR system, Six Things Achieved Regularly becomes engendered. Six Things Achieved Regularly is just about the only way the universe is able to achieve the miracles we see every day. Watch reality change over the next few minutes, all without effort on the part of the universe.

Ask yourself, and the people around you: Why achieve one thing each time we work, when, by getting together, we can achieve six things all at once, regularly? Planets, local star systems and galaxies do it. And why not us?

Here’s the real meaning of generating an economy. An economy happens any time effort is saved. They all ‘out there’ save on time and energy, getting six things done all at once.

An economy derives from applications of the principle of least effort. Now you can’t be trying this out at home on the cat. The technology doesn’t transfer.

A STAR System will however work to get things done over the internet using an online platform to coordinate with others.

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